Unfinished Business

June 18, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Unfinished business in the spiritual sense relates to any past experience that is able to undermine the delight of being alive. Behind the physical body is the energetic experience of every moment of the living life. The emotional body is formed from the totality of cells which determines someone’s personal identity with the world. Where there has been a particular trauma, emotional hurt or disappointment that is still unresolved, the light of these cells is reduced and degrades the field of consciousness within the personal space of the psyche.

Clusters of unenlightened cells form, over time, an emotional band which wraps around the core of the psychic aperture where the transmission of reality enters sensory existence. The band of resistance closest to the aperture represents the most traumatic and emotionally intense experiences since birth. To begin to clear up and restore energetically any negative symptoms of the past requires entering the body with the focus of intelligence turned inwards. Being as still as possible, the idea is to observe and simply perceive what is there without anticipating that anything out of the ordinary will happen. It may take a little time to adjust to the subtlety and absence of experience of this abstract realm of life. The truth reveals at every level of reality what has always been known in the deepest recesses of the being. This is that I in each body am an intrinsic part of something vast and eternal.

Looking within, the first step is to register any discomfort or tension within the body. If nothing is there initially, then it’s to be still and easy in the conscious state within. The deeper the stillness, the more the hidden recesses of the subconscious reveal anything that needs to be addressed. The next step is to surround any emotional negativity with an intelligent focus of attention. The stillness of love is always accessible and, with perseverance, can be registered as the healing embrace of the being. As the process unfolds it’s natural to utter silently such words as ‘I surrender to thee’ or ‘I let go in love where I’ve been holding onto the pain from the past’. What accompanies this inner devotion is a deepening sense of gratitude to the unknown.

As a reciprocal action to the inner process, it’s important to attend to the practical affairs of the living life, particularly in the areas still causing distress or anxiety. This will begin to quell the emotional turmoil and greatly assist the deeper descent within the body. The journey of self-discovery in becoming a more conscious and responsible man or woman of the earth removes, layer by layer, the blockages to our original state of being. The supreme integrity of life is this: the suffering that must be borne valiantly during the transformation of the emotional self ensures that any apparent injustice or transgression is eventually harmonised in time. With this knowledge, the unfinished business can now be resolved through the willingness of the person to let go of anyone or anything that has restricted and impaired the joy of life.