What is Enlightenment?

May 12, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

The holy grail of the spiritual life is what is termed ‘enlightenment’. Many struggle to reconcile what the word entails and if it has any validity in living the spiritual life. Remove any association with the word and what is discovered is that the truth of enlightenment is now, the one ever-recurring moment being renewed as each frame of sensory existence. But what obscures the realisation of this at a conscious level of mind is the unresolved past experiences which form the emotional body of self. This build-up of emotional negativity distorts the pure transmission of reality and projects the intelligence further out into the sensory screen of the world.

People regularly enter the enlightened state but are unable to retain the state as an uninterrupted realisation of higher consciousness. The spiritual process, when lived as a total practice of discovered life’s purpose, is supposed to dissolve the time-laden emotional past. This then allows the faster-than- light speed of the optimum point of the present to transform the corruption in matter, which is the psychic force of self. To participate in the enlightened state is to release, now and every moment, any continuity of existence; this releasing of the past, (the death of what was) keeps the psyche free-flowing. What’s happened is that we human beings have been inculcated by the example of parents, teachers and society to hold on to our experience. This freeze frames existence and creates psychic blockages of emotion that fluctuate between the extremes of excitement and depression.

Within the purified space of the being, the optimum point of intelligence is resonating with the original moment of eternity. This is a speed which eliminates any reflection on the past. As a consequence, the clarity of mind perceives the pure energy behind the formal appearance of the sensory forms and objects. The perception then functions as an agency of the causal power of creation rather than an effect of the force of existence.  In the enlightened state I am creating nothing, although the natural responses of the body system continue to function autonomously. Regardless of the levels of God or reality realised, I always return to the body consciousness while alive. The difference is that I am no longer attached to the body as before and can withdraw at will into the impersonal formless state at any moment.  I am here in existence while being out of existence simultaneously. This is beyond the mind’s comprehension but demonstrable as the multiplicity of being.

Once realised, the enlightenment endures as a permanent state as the activation of the spiritual idea behind the body within the divine intellect. However, nothing is certain in creation, even in the spiritual process. As the power of spirit becomes integrated within the body, it’s not always clear how the realised state of consciousness will unfold in an individual’s living life. It may be in someone’s lights to simply live their enlightenment without necessarily declaring themselves to the world at large. But for a teacher of truth it’s a necessary part of the process to publicly declare what has been inwardly realised. This is not an action of vanity or self-aggrandisement – just the opposite. It’s a sacred act of humility that invites the world (of unrealised self-conscious beings) to destroy their truth, if they can. In this way the energetic knowledge of the inner realisation is validated by the outer circumstances and events that complete the spiritual union at the cosmic level of mind.

So what is enlightenment? The acceptance of life, come as it may, lived as a conscious way of life with all its restrictions and vulnerability to sensory existence. And finally, that love is what I am, unknowable in its mystery but not beyond being as the spiritual essence of the earth.