What Makes People Different?

November 3, 2023 2 By Lance Kelly

While retaining similar behavioural traits, beliefs and cultural traditions people are inherently different as individual expressions of the creative principle in matter. Just why this is so is a question frequently raised in theological discussions; but the truth is seldom unearthed so as to be perceived in someone’s own living experience.  

People are different because each individual is at a specific level of consciousness which determines their awareness of the present. Although everybody perceives the sensory world the same, the significance of what is being perceived varies tremendously. Within the most protected part of the brain is a creative point which is a source of light that resonates as the virtue of the living life. The luminosity of the light varies in intensity in everybody although the frequency can be similar to others. It’s this compatibility of light which attracts like-minded people together to form friendships, groups or associations. From another perspective, the light emanations are infused with time waves that have the effect of influencing the evolutionary needs for experience within the individual consciousness. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ is another way of saying that people seek those on a similar time wave as themselves.         

So each individual is different to another because each is at a specific evolutionary point of consciousness. Deep behind the visible appearance of existence is the abstract structure of reality. Although imperceptible to the mind, we are intimately in touch with the power and profundity of its source. The creative point, the evolving light of consciousness within each human being, is the means in which the divine connection is made with reality. Within the eternal mind are supernal ideas which represent some aspect of the One Supreme Being; here in this timeless realm is man and woman’s true spiritual identity. This spiritual essence emits a radial line of energy transmitted as a beam of light to the evolving creative point in the individual man or woman’s brain. It’s the degree to which the psychic space of the person is purified of emotional negativity that determines the potency of this transmission from reality.

Just as it’s been observed that no two fingerprints are the same, so in the reality system each spiritual idea is unique. The purpose of life on earth is to realise the unique idea that represents the totality of the individual’s earth experience – then it is to live the realisation as the self-knowledge of the life. This is the ultimate truth of why people are fundamentally different. At our core we are each a unique expression of the one divine idea of existence. It’s this impulse to connect with the passion of life as our pure creativity that never lets us rest for long. Over innumerable life recurrences we add to the evolving light of consciousness. The idea is to replicate, as the virtue and excellence of humanity, what each of us is in that other place through the great struggle of existence. And this is exactly what is happening in diverse ways and why people are different.