What’s the Point of Your Life

April 9, 2019 3 By Lance Kelly

What’s the point of being a self-reflective human being? As a race we’ve veered off course in such a dramatic fashion that there’s no solution to the woes of the world for the masses. Science can’t help – except to tantalise the public through the media with their ground-breaking new discoveries that will eventually take humanity to the stars. And religion is as useful as a bucket with a hole in it, with the substance of the teachings leaking out and diffusing the message of the masters. No, the only hope is for I, the individual man or woman, to be willing to make the ultimate trip to a place where wonders never cease.

It’s quite common for someone to give their point of view, or perhaps to point something out to clarify a situation. We often say to someone, after explaining the facts, ‘you’ve got the point’ as a way of communicating that something has been fully understood. But what exactly is the ‘point’ that people are referring to which is used in everyday language? Could investigating the source of the point take us into the point of life and existence?

Everything begins as a point, which gradually expands to encompass the entire universe and then contracts back to nothing. Within this eternal moment, existence unravels but in a much reduced time gradient. Consciousness keeps everything in perfect unison wherever it arises in matter. This is a description of eternity, which is replicated every moment in the sensory projection of life on earth.

The point is now, the closest thing to the eternal essence of the timeless realm. Uncertainty characterises life at every level in the sensual world. Within the sense of uncertainty is the creative source of being which responds to the influences of innumerable forces, including the cosmic expanse of galaxies and stars. In an effort to control the circumstances of life through competing and scheming to gain from the misfortune of others, the human race is unable to appreciate the point of being in existence.

So what’s the point of your life? What’s the point of anything in a world where everybody suffers and eventually dies? It’s clearly demonstrable that this world, driven by the emotional force of the masses, is hell-bent on reducing the natural resources of the planet and the virtue of love, primarily through the elimination between the genders. And yet, there’s a point to it all which is able to embrace the apparent disharmony and anomalies of the changing face of human culture. And that is the focus of this next phase of my spiritual teaching.