When Everyday Life Suddenly Changes

March 28, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

The virtue of humanity that arises in times of crisis is undeniable. This admirable quality can be observed in the way so many people are coming forward to selflessly offer assistance to others in the current global crisis. And yet the irony is that it often takes the worst of times to bring out the best in us. For those directly involved in the intensity of the crisis, there can be a profound inner change. But for the massed population, when the crisis subsides it doesn’t take long to drift back into an unconscious way of life. Perhaps it’s because in our modern civilisation of comfort and convenience there’s little opportunity for true individuality to come forward.

The escalating effects of the current global pandemic of coronavirus continue to have a major impact on the way of life, with growing concerns for loved ones, financial worries, together with upheavals in the working environment. And yet, as history shows, we human beings have an enormous resource to adapt and find solutions to any situation that’s presented to us. However, the normal reaction when life suddenly changes is to personalise the situation. This has the effect of degrading the incoming stream of the psyche. The person is seized by an emotional jolt as an inrush of adrenalin is released by a psychic opening that’s typical of any type of shock. And then what usually follows is fear and panic through the projection of possible future scenarios. These are all symptoms of unconscious living in a sort of trance during the normal times. This is why disruptive events often happen in an endeavour to wake us up from the dream of existence.

The truth is that no politician, expert or anyone in the media knows what’s really going on in the world. They can know parts of it but not the whole. But from an inner perspective where life as a totality can be realised in consciousness, the truth of these times can be observed with remarkable clarity. Although unlikely to be perceived by those identifying with the effects, the coronavirus epidemic is an evolutionary stroke of genius for the following reasons. Firstly, most of the earth’s population is being compelled, through the necessity of having their movements restricted, to examine their lives in a more meaningful way than before. Choices (which bring discontent and misery when based on emotional feelings) are becoming less available, enabling the true value of life to be perceived. This parallels the mystic’s inner process as the gradual surrender of the personal wishing and wanting. For someone used to a busy lifestyle oblivious to any inner reality, when everyday life suddenly changes the effect is not unlike a train hitting a wall at high speed. For someone less attached and able to see things as they are without emotional distortion, the changes will be less traumatic.

Let’s examine more deeply the spiritual process and how it prepares the truth seeker while alive for deeper insights and realisations of the mystery of life. Each moment of our lives, minute adjustments occur in response to our being here in existence. Built into our spiritual system is a psychic valve which operates as a regulating device for the energy flow between the psyche and our physical body. The psychic valve is the esoteric function behind the organic heart, which regulates the blood flow through the arteries of the body. As spiritual power is contained, a deeper degree of pure psyche is released through the psychic valve and assimilated throughout the body consciousness. The body of humanity is undergoing a similar process through the collective experience of the masses; but very little will appear to change externally on the surface level. It’s only the individual who can be conscious of any permanent changes to the life.

So there’s purpose to the times when what’s happening in the world can be seen without taking a personal or moral stance. It’s only in the moment of separation that the true value of the experience reveals itself in confronting the deeper attachments to the world. Here are some examples relevant to these times. When, for instance, a favourite food isn’t available, does it invoke an emotional reaction? Or, if it’s not possible at this time to visit the family members, is there a sense of anxiety or despair? Perhaps it’s the cancellation of social or sporting events that creates inner restlessness and agitation? Only the acceptance of how things are for now brings a sense of peace in the knowledge that all things pass in time and are eventually restored to the original state of love.

This brings us back to the ultimate truth of existence. There is only I in each body appearing as the many. I take my world and existence with me as the space within this projected form of life. But the truth is unsettling to the person while attached to the continuity of the world. Hope is only necessary in ignorance while clinging to the untruth of life. This life is not a personal affair but a vast movement of cosmic intelligence. Amazingly, it’s here to be enjoyed come what may in the outer circumstances and events that we all must live through in our time on earth.