When Love Meets the Devil

July 10, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

When love meets the devil, it’s usually the latter that prevails. The devil is the manipulative force in matter which possesses the mind as an insatiable lust for experience. Just as space enables existence to pass through it, love offers no resistance to the onslaught of vice and promiscuity in the world. Love is a mighty negation and the only transformative power able to slay the devilish beast of sex. Stillness and right discrimination, together with the experience of living, are all that’s provided for the epic encounter.

Sex is really the sensual expression of love, but can only remain pure in the absence of excitement, wanting or intent. When the mind reflects on the inner reproductive energy as erotic imagination, love is immediately sullied. This added ingredient of self-indulgence creates agitation and the compulsion to relieve the mounting inner pressure. When love degenerates to intense sexual craving it becomes a psychic presence that compels the person to take action, often against their will. Masturbation or emotional outbursts usually provide temporary relief until the psychic force begins to gather again.

The experience of sex can be repeated, but not so with love. Experience is necessary to become proficient in some practical aspect in the world, such as learning to become an engineer, musician, or accountant. But when it comes to love, experience is not only unnecessary but fundamentally unnatural as something to be learned. Love is not an energy made in time but a state of original power. Once, before the corruption of sexual dishonesty, children were raised with an enlightened appreciation of pure love. The virgin girl retained the knowledge of love as the personification of the divine feminine principle. She was inwardly prepared for love and receptive to the physical demonstration of man’s worthiness to adore her in the flesh. The world psyche today vibrates to the sexual crescendo of thousands of years of the abdication of original innocence.

Anyone who has ever dared to love has encountered the devil in one guise or another. It’s shocking when the mask is removed and there, in the flesh, is the grotesque contorted face without pity or shame. Every woman has seen a facet of the inner beast in man. And every man has seen the emotional demon in woman which arises to assail and accuse him for his betrayal of her throughout the ages. The deep trauma of sexual duplicity is rising further into the world psyche, mirrored in the global reaction to the sex scandals involving establishment figures and those in the entertainment industry. The cracks now appearing in the veneer of western civilisation are a sign of what’s coming as, increasingly, the cover-up is being exposed.

The curse of existence, for man is his unconscious sexual drive that persistently overwhelms his more virtuous qualities. All emotional pain arises from sex in isolation from love. Over time, this forms layers of resistance which draw on the vitality in the body. This is why so often a person can feel drained, and their virtue continually depleted, by the devilish hold of mounting sexual frustration. It’s this restless energy that drives men and women to madness, or else to make a name for themselves in the world. Anything but face the devil of self – the sexual ignorance and indulgence of the past

The Christian Church’s way of dealing with their concept of the devil was to burn people at the stake to ‘loosen’, so it was proclaimed, ‘the inner demons of the soul’. The devil in religion was always deemed to be in someone else and never within the members of the priestly brotherhood. To abstain from making love was even made a virtue, and the practice of lovemaking condemned as something sinful and ungodly. ‘God is love!’ proclaims the church, unaware that their priestly dogma cast a heavy burden of guilt and shame on generations of people who sensed, in their innocence,  something beautiful and holy in the physical act of making love. The devil is only a word that describes any entity in revolt to God or the good. The sheer beauty and pleasure of two bodies making love creates the divine power of God, which is the quintessence of life.

Humanity is both devil and saviour appearing as the condition of the world at any time. Sex is godly when there is no intent other than to love without expectation, force or looking for a conclusion. Otherwise, sex is hell in existence; but, paradoxically, the only way in which humanity is able to be divested of its former ignorance. The justice and integrity of life is that everyone must pass through the hell of their own making, whether consciously in the living life or unconsciously in the after-death process. Until then, its business as usual while the misery and discontent of humanity rolls on.


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